There have been long discussions about the importance and even usefulness of certifications over the internet. Some people say that if you know it you do it, otherwise you get certified for it. I just can’t relate to this and honestly believe, that certifications can be useful in many ways. I find them to be a source of my study drive, when I am exploring some new technology and want to set clear and reasonable goal for bench-marking my progress and depth of knowledge. IT certifications are in general requiring a lot of studying that might lead you to discovery of new ways of doing something or even new frameworks to work with. Everything you know can be used some time over the course of your career – you often do incorporate new technique/approach or tool/library into your future work. Last but not least it shows that you are result driven individual with a constant thirst for knowledge that is not afraid of getting their skills challenged.

This being said I decided to share my experiences from the certifications I have encountered. It often helped me to check the web for resources and useful information in my preparations for the exam. That’s why I would like to share my experiences and possible resources for studying with you. However please don’t ask me what were the questions or if I can share with you any copyrighted material. Since I am not the owner I can’t – and I won’t. On the other hand, what I will do is I will describe the study process, recommended resources, exam syllabus and type of questions being asked. If you like any of this content or used it for your own preparation, please comment and review the guide so we can cultivate it for the other guys that are about to take their exams.

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