Ever since the beginning of my programming attempts I was always drawn to blogs explaining either new interesting technologies or describing some intricate details of methods to do something. I always held my deepest admiration for people blogging about these topics because I felt that they were sort of teachers speaking their minds and anyone interested in them could just sit and listen to what they had to say. Even though I was tempted by the idea of joining these awesome people, honestly, I didn’t think I had anything to say that was worth sharing. I have come long way since I wrote my first hello world program in Pascal back at high school.

But it was after finishing my diploma thesis in 2013 that I finally got something to share with others and ‘give back’ to the community that helped shape my understanding of programming. I would like to use the opportunity to teach people who are interested in same things I am. Based on recommendations from my much respected thesis supervisor Ing. Rudolf Pecinovský, CSc. and also my friends I decided to publish series of posts based on this thesis describing changes introduced in Java 7 with regard to IO library – NIO.2.

List of topics:

  1. Introduction to NIO.2
  2. File system API
  3. Paths
  4. File attributes
  5. Links
  6. Creating files and directories
  7. Listing and filtering directory contents
  8. Working with files and directories
  9. Traversing of the file system

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