Once in a while everyone stumbles upon a problem that has no standard solution provided in currently available libraries or needs some additional work in order to fulfill desired functionality. These are the design constructs worth mentioning, promoting and discussing. In this section I post such concepts encountered by me or my colleagues that some of you might find helpful and inspiring. Scope of this section is pretty wast so it will cover topics directly from Java and development related tools and processes.

  • Beauty and strangeness of generics

    Recently, I was preparing for my Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer exam and I happened to encounter some rather strange-looking constructions in the realm of generics in Java. Nevertheless, I have also seen some clever and elegant pieces of code. I found these examples worth sharing not only because ...

  • Master your IDE logging with Grep console

    One of many daily activities that every programmer needs to do in order to do their work is to control logging output from their application. Logging, when done properly and correctly, provides great insight into the inner workings of the application and may be a great resource for analyzing and ...

  • Randomly Generated Input Stream

    When writing tests, programmers often need to provide some test files for their code to work. This is typically done by uploading them to their version control systems or exposing them over the network to be downloaded at runtime. However the reasons for a particular test file being used may ...

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