How not to approach me on LinkedIn

Recently, I have been invited to connect with a lot of people on LinkedIn and most of them were headhunters, recruiters and various HR related roles. The amount of invites from these people was really appealing to my ego at first, but it began to bother me after some time. Now, most of these invites end up in the ignore pile. These people might be asking why they received no answer from me. Well, it is mostly caused by the way they approached me and the way they used to communicate with me about the position they were offering. Some of these guys are really great in what they do and how they go about doing it. However, the quality of the recruitment process varies widely and the vast majority of these people do not know how to deal with IT people (and sometimes with people in general I guess), so I ran out of patience and decided to write this article to sum up mistakes that will cause you any further interaction with me, if you intend to connect with me on LinkedIn or any other network like that. Now I present to you my list of 10 rules not to break when approaching me on LinkedIn. Continue reading “How not to approach me on LinkedIn”