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My name is Jakub Staš and I will be your host. I am a full time Java programmer living in beautiful city of Dublin. I am passionate about quite a few things including programming, application and system design, (home) automation concepts and hookahs and tea. I love what I do. When I get down to work I usually combine few of these passions and enjoy rather remarkable moments while doing something that I like.

When I am not playing around with my IDE or arduino boards, I like to read books or study. I have a few good books in my library and as the time goes by I intend to grow my library as well as the knowledge covered in those books. When I am not in the mood for reading I like to browse the courses on Coursera and try to better myself in all those interesting subjects that are free for everyone.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy my content as well as engage in a discussion in comment section.

The story so far

My first contact with programming dates back to my years in grammar school in the middle of my lovely country of Slovakia when I first laid my hands on TurboPascal 6 and also some basic HTML and CSS. Even though I would never go back to language like Pascal, it was back then when I first fell in love with programming and I started to realize the power hidden in this craft.

During my college years in Prague I was exposed to many more languages like Ruby, C#, Java and others. This also meant certain paradigm shift when I moved from structural programming to this beautiful world of object oriented programming. One could say the whole programming world opened up to me and I was fortunate enough to try many aspects of work during these years. While studying for my Bachelor’s degree I started working in the industry as a JavaScript developer and made my way up to J2EE developer.

After a couple of really enjoyable years in Prague I decided to seek new challenges somewhere else. Try a different climate and culture for a change. This brought me to Dublin where I live and work now. Staying true to my roots I still enjoy projects involving mostly Java, Spring and API related work as senior developer. Always open to new challenges and seeking ways to learn new tech 🙂 .

What I have to offer

Sometimes I come up with / come across something that is pretty awesome and worth preserving and sharing. Other times, something annoys me to the point I just have to rant about it. So it is fair to say that my main source of inspiration for writing this blog are my life experiences. And since I am interested in programming as well as software development in general my post vary from practical examples of code solving given problem to essays about software development and other miscellaneous topics.

Main categories of my posts include:

  1. Java tutorials
    1. When I encounter something interesting I study it closer, prepare an example and describe it so it may help or inspire you
  2. Book reviews
    • Since I like reading about new exciting technologies, frameworks and also IT management related books I tend to publish my reviews here
  3. Certification reviews
    • I love challenges and certifications are nice way to benchmark my knowledge as well as push myself to study certain area further so when I complete any, I review the whole process here

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