Who am I?

I am Jakub Staš – developer, problem solver, tinkerer and genuinely curious person about all things tech. I have experience working with small startups, big internationals, in corporate and government environments, and I am currently developing software for Tenable. In my spare time I write for this blog – www.jakubstas.com.

My main interest now is finding effective and performant solutions to challenging problems at scale and helping my team define and achieve success by maximizing the value delivered. I am a fan of agile principles without a religious adherence to its cultish aspects.

What is this Site?

I started this blog as a place to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences. From reviews of stuff I read to code and tools that made my life easier. There might be some rants sprinkled through the feed as well. In the past, I shared some experiments and projects of my own and some utilities I found handy. In the future I want to broaden the focus of this blog to include topics related to high performing teams and how to make teams successful. The ultimate goal of this site however, is to elevate myself and the reader via the means of learning, sharing and discussion.