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Working with files and directories in NIO.2

In previous articles I discussed creation (Creating files and directories) and selection (Listing and filtering directory contents) of files and directories. The last logical step to take is to explore what can we do with them and how. This is

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Listing and filtering directory contents in NIO.2

There hasn’t been much happening in the area of listing directory contents until the release of Java 7. But since NIO.2 introduced a new way to do this it might be worth it to cover this area. One of big

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Creating files and directories in NIO.2

Great number of applications nowadays create files or directories for very wide range of purposes. Whether it is to generate a report, export piece of configuration or simply to store some data it is important to be able to handle

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Links in NIO.2

One of the most important features in the NIO.2 library is the introduction of mechanism to work with links directly from your Java code (this was not possible to do without the use of native code in previous IO libraries).

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