2 thoughts on “Pimp your config with configuration meta-data in Spring Boot

  1. Thanks a lot for the article! A few thoughts:

    I don’t think I understand what ApplicationConfiguration really does. For this to work concretely, you only need @EnableConfigurationProperties (getter/setter on MyProperties are useless). Maybe you’re using this in your app somehow but that’s not necessary for that infrastructure to work
    The additional meta-data file does not need to contain all that information (you’re basically copy/pasting things that are generated automatically). You can put the default value in the code and it will be detected automatically (something like private String property = "something"). Once you’ve done that, you only need the hints section and we’ll happily merge that for you.

    1. Hi Stéphane,

      thanks for your comment. Regarding MyProperties – yes, I am using it in the app so it is a code that has been carried over into the post. As for the default value, I didn’t know you can do that. That is actually good news resulting in less coding effort. Thanks for pointing that out.

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